For this memorable day, a comprehensive and detailed program was be sent to participants together with the confirmation of their tickets several weeks before the event.

Additional Activity:

Knowing that many people would come from far away to attend these celebrations, we had prepared some suggestions for additional activities for Friday, August 23 and Sunday, August 25, as well as a detailed map of the region showing historic places and other events related to our ancestors. This way people could undertake these visits at their own pace. Participants received all this information several weeks before the event.

Exhibition August 24:

Several exceptional objects were on exhibition. Among other things, we had rare books on the history of our family, documents of the 200th anniversary (2 October 1913), a 1909 genealogical tree from the hand of Brother Élie, an original medal 200th anniversary of 1913 and the matrix of this medal, not withstanding different reproductions thereof through the decades, like their molds, some artistic works such as drawings, paintings, photographs and coat of arms that are part of our family history. All these were combined for the first time together in one place.


We received the gift of a beautiful painting 24'' x 36'' titled FALL 1713, representing Catherine and Mathias in Rivière-des-Prairies. This work is signed Carol Rose Camelio, renowned painter from Massachusetts whose works have been exhibited in well known galleries across America. Her paintings have been chosen to adorn the covers of Arts Around Boston and Middlesex Beat, and more recently, in Berkshire Living Magazine and Intermezzo. For more information about this artist:

Mrs. Camelio offered to create this painting, donate and deliver it to support the organization of the Tercentenary. This beautiful work of art was the main focus of the auction on August 24 evening.

Translators and interpreters:

It was important that all participants at the festival (French and English) understand and follow the progress of activities of this great day. The committee had did everything in its power to ensure that the celebrations were accessible to all, using translators and interpreters from our family. To this end, from the master of ceremonies to those actors/interpreters , francophone and anglophone participants could follow the proceedings.


Even if the site « La Colonie des Grèves » accommodates hundreds or a few thousand people, in order to organize the event, the committee had to know in advance the number of participants for the event. It was necessary to provide an attendance number to rent the big tent as well as plan for professional services.

We had set the deadline for July 24, 2013, to purchase tickets and had communicated this many weeks in advance by various newsletters. Despite this, people contacted us the day before of the event. We regret, therefore, having had to refuse last-minute requests … we had placed our orders for supplies and services and had to abide by them

Programming* of august 24, 2013

(click here to show up the calendar of scheduled events)

Period music (continued)

Festive and continuous period music.

Musicians and  dancing master (on schedule)

Two musicians had introduce participants to the dances, music and songs of the era through old French instruments such as bagpipes, violin and hurdy-gurdy.

GN (on schedule)

Actors portraying historical characters who revolved around our ancestors or who influenced them. We had see them in action at the wedding, at meals and throughout the day.

Exhibition, multi média et souvenir (on schedule)

Family artifacts, historical documents, rare books, artwork made for the occasion, audiovisual presentation, sale and delivery of memories and medals tercentenary objects.

Where did you come from? (continued)

Using a small flag or marker, the people located their living place on a large map.

At the notary (on schedule)

At the notary the participants had leave a message for future generations. These messages will be remain in the historical records and archives of the family.

Mural & graffiti (continued)

Everybody, especially the young, to leave their mark on a collective creation with the themes THE TRICENTENNIAL OF THE PHANEUF FAMILY -2013 -.

Mini farm (on schedule)

A family visit, especially for children.

Pony Circle (on schedule)

Pony rides for children under 10 years old by parent.

Children craft for wedding & funny makeup (on schedule)

Always under the event themes in order to involve children.

Indian corn husking (on schedule)

Family and community activity in preparation for the dinner.

Dinner (on schedule)

Hot corn, hot bread, butter, meat spread, and grilled meatswater and coffee.

Treasure Hunt (on schedule)

A great treasure hunt for children with treasure TO SHARE.

Swimming-pool (on schedule)

Pool if the weather permits.

The Wedding (on schedule)

Reconstruction of the wedding ceremony of our ancestors accompanied by some historical characters that shaped their destiny.

Conference (on schedule)

Offered by researchers of our family history

Forest Walk (on schedule)

Forest walk with family. Children accompanied by a parent.

Canoe & Pedal boat (on schedule)

On the banks of the St. Lawrence River. Younger accompanied by a parent.

Family picture in front of chapel (continued)

Throughout the day (except when there is activity) the participants had take pictures in front of the chapel where the wedding had taken place of our ancestors.

First name group picture (on schedule)

According to the request of the participants had announced during the day, Phaneufs with the same name had can pose for an exceptional photo.

Dinner (on schedule)

Dinner or old time wedding meal (roast pig on a spit) including wine and dessert

Auction (on schedule) Put up for auction for almost all elements of the exhibition, with the exception of family artifacts belonging to private collections.

Bonfire (on schedule)

With family musicians and animation.

*Despite last-minute adjustments and a few delays here and there during the day, the vast majority of activities took place as planned, WITH THE PARTICIPATION OF ALL.

Additionnal activities:

Weekend of August 24, 2013:

Here are some places in the area related to the history of our ancestors. The People had can do this circuit in the order suggested or according to their interests and their time schedule. Although we have prepared some maps, the people had can also plan their own itinerary using GOOGLE MAP and virtual visits of the places mentioned. Even today, if you visit the area, you can follow this special route:

Here are the suggested route:

Starting at the Celebration Site (1),  follow along the St-Lawrence River on Route 132 West to La Montée de la Pomme d'Or, turn left, then go straight up  to the Richelieu River.

You are now in SAINT-ANTOINE-SUR-RICHELIEU (2), where several children of Catherine and Mathias (including themselves) came to settle after living in Rivière-des-Prairies. The MONUMENT TO THE ANCESTORS is next to the church, at the entrance to the cemetery.

Taking the ferry to the other side of the river, you can also visit the village of SAINT-DENIS-SUR-RICHELIEU. In the heart of the village, there is the home of the NATIONAL PATRIOTS (La Maison nationale des patriotes) where you will relive the events of 1837, in which several Phaneufs participated.

To proceed between Saint-Antoine-sur-Richelieu and Chambly, I suggest you follow along the Richelieu River, formerly known as the Iroquois River. You can reach Chambly, starting from Saint-Denis-sur-Richelieu by following the Chemin des Patriotes West, OR by starting from Saint-Antoine-sur-Richelieu and following the road 223 West. In both cases, you will cross several villages.

Old Chambly is worth a visit, with its great fortress, its locks and its unique geographical location. The site of FORT CHAMBLY (3) is a national park, overlooking the water … very relaxing. You can have a bite to eat at the picnic tables or on the terraces in the area.

Chambly Road, which connects the fort to the city of Longueuil, was the first road in Canada. At the end of this road, arriving near the St. Lawrence River, is the Co-Cathedral St. Anthony of Padua. This is the same location where once stood the CASTLE LONGUEUIL (4), at the corner of Chemin Chambly and St. Charles Street. Close by at 440 Chemin de Chambly (Longueuil, QC J4H 3L7) is the Historical and cultural society Marigot (la Société historique et culturelle du Marigot).  See the website to find information on the castle that housed the Baroness de Longueuil, godmother to our ancestor, Claude-Mathias Fanef. You will find the opening hours and tour schedule on the website.

Take the Jacques Cartier bridge to cross the St. Lawrence River to Old Montreal, where stands NOTRE DAME BASILICA (5), where Mathias was baptized. In 1706, it was just a small church, but over time was replaced by the basilica. Within a 10-minute walk, at 280 Notre-Dame Street stands the CHATEAU RAMEZAY (5), a manor house that has not changed much since Mathias` godfather, Claude de Ramezay, Governor of Montreal, lived there. So these are two interesting, historical monuments that recall our past that are worth visiting.

Another historical place to visit, which requires crossing a part of the city, is the Mission of the Sault-au-Récollet. Starting from Château Ramezay, continue on Notre Dame Street going East to Papineau Street, where you turn left. After about 9.5 km (6.5 miles), turn right on Gouin Boulevard, then left at the next street called rue du Pont. You have arrived at Cité Historia. This historic site will inform you on SAULT-AU-RÉCOLLET (6), amongst other things, the place where Mathias had been brought in captivity.

Last stop on our tour is RIVIÈRE-DES-PRAIRIES (7). Take Gouin Boulevard eastward again for about 14 km (8.5 miles) along the river to the church of Saint-Joseph de Rivière-des-Prairies, located at 10050 Gouin Blvd. East, where the marriage of Catherine Charpentier and Claude-Mathias Fanef took place on October 2, 1713. You will find a COMMEMORATIVE PLAQUE in the Park Cageux. Recently named RUE CLAUDE-MATHIAS Fanef and 94th Avenue (at the end of which once housed our ancestors) are in the same sector.



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