Committee objectives

       To organize a grand gathering, bringing together the greatest number of Phaneufs possible, in order to honor our first ancestors, Catherine Charpentier and Claude-Mathias Fanef (Phaneuf , and to make them better known to all their descendent:

  1. Creating a list including the largest possible number of Phaneuf’s, with e-mail and mail addresses, with the aim to make communication possible,

  1. Keeping these Phaneufs updated on the preparation and realization of the gathering,

  1. Asking for their financial  and/or professional support ( in cash or services) to realize this event,

  1. Organizing the event’s activities,

  1. Defining an interesting program for the event, taking into consideration the suggestions that we will receive, taking into consideration their feasibility and the available budget,

  1. Creating a vibrant vintage environment  a wedding in Nouvelle France in 1713), addressing all the senses,

  1. Inviting all the age groups of this big family (not forgetting the children) to participate in this unique celebration, which many Phaneuf generations will remember for long to come ( tickets sold in advance).

Mission accomplished !

Organizing Committee
Committee objectives
Phaneuf Ancêtres
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