The organizing committee



THANKS to Brother Élie for providing marvellous weather!

THREE HUNDRED TIMES THANK YOU to all the PARTICIPANTS of this great gathering.From across America (and even from overseas), you have demonstrated the importance you give to our ancestors.

THREE HUNDRED TIMES THANK YOU to all our DONORS. It is undoubtedly their generosity that helped realize this event, because the admission price alone was not sufficient to aspire to such an undertaking.

GREAT RECOGNITION to the late Dr. Guy Letellier, who died in 2004. Guy helped us a lot about FAMILY RESEARCH having been co-authored by Claude-Mathias Fanef, ancêtre de tous les Phaneuf. Also thanks to Mrs. Mona Andrée Rainville for his information on marriage in 1713.

A SPECIAL THANK YOU to all the VOLUNTEERS of the day, especially:

  • Mr. Gérald Beauchamp (QC)
  • Mrs.  Jasmine Beauchamp (QC)
  • Mrs. Élisabeth Denis (QC)
  • Mrs. Guillaume Denis-Ducharme (QC)
  • Mr. Éric Desbois (QC)
  • Mr. Alain Ducharme (QC)
  • Mrs. Carole Lachance (QC)
  • Mr. Charles Lafortune (QC)
  • Mr. Félix-Alexandre Lauzon (QC)
  • Mr. Marc Lauzon (QC)
  • Mrs. Yanira Lauzon (QC)
  • Mrs. Joan Myers (SK)
  • Mr. Gordon Myers (SK)
  • Mrs. Ariane Phaneuf (QC)
  • Mr. Daniel Phaneuf (QC)
  • Mr. Éric Phaneuf (QC)
  • Mr. Jean-François Phaneuf (QC)
  • Mrs. Joanne Phaneuf (SK)
  • Mrs. Johanne Phaneuf (QC)
  • Mrs. Kendra Phaneuf (QC)
  • Mr. Nathan Phaneuf (QC)
  • Mr. Ray Phaneuf (SK)
  • Mrs. Pearline Roy (QC)
  • Mrs. Kathleen Thériault (QC)
  • Mrs. Rose-May Thériault (QC)
  • Mr. Carol Vallée (QC)
  • Mrs. Nancy Vallée (QC)
  • Mr. Steve Vallée (QC)
  • Mrs. Vanessa Vallée (QC)

Without them, this event would not have attained such quality. It would simply have taken place.

A HONOURABLE MENTION Mrs. Cristina Loglio (MD) and Mr. Jeffrey Ray Phaneuf (MD who took on the role of historical figures Joseph Dudley and his wife for the event, making their costume and permitted the publication of their photos.

A SPECIAL THANK YOU to the LA PASSE DE KARADYR (GN Actors) for their outstanding performances throughout the day. Their professionalism and enthusiasm  us honor.

Note EXCELLENT WORK our SPECIALIZED MUSICIANS and DANCING MASTER. Mr. Daniel Thonon and Mrs. Sarah Lesage have created a unique atmosphere, transporting us to the time of our ancestors by the sound and dance. Also thank you to Mr. Bernard Mallette, our ceremonies master, who did a great job all throughout the day.

THANKS TO SOLUTION MÉCHOUI for two excellent meals. At VAN HOUTTE COMPANY for excellent coffee provided free of charge.

THANKS to TVA for providing us with free materials for the exhibition.

THANKS to Productions J to the broadcast material capsule of the Phaneuf family.

THANKS to GROUPE PHANEUF INC, especially Emilie, Benjamin and Luc Phaneuf for their support, guidance and generosity in the preparation of the festival, which particularly subtitling family DVD.

THANK to THE ARTISTS, painter, illustrator, musician (CD music) and craftswoman who donated their works to benefit the event.Particular mention ladies Françoise Phaneuf (QC), Mr. Joseph Beauregard (QC), Jean-Marc Phaneuf (QC), Mr. Jim Tobin (MN), and Mrs. Carol Rose Camelio (CT) for its beautiful painting that has become the symbol of the event.

THANKS to Mr. François Dion and Mr.. Nathan Phaneuf their BEAUTIFUL PICTURES of the event.

A HUGE THANK YOU to Mrs. Johanne Phaneuf and Mrs. Susan Phaneuf from Québec and even Mrs. Cristina loglio and Mr. Ray Phaneuf from Maryland who gave us a great hand at CORRECTION, the REVIEW and TRANSLATION our texts.

We are really VERY GRATEFUL to all MEMBERS OF THE FAMILY WHO HAVE DONE MANY PHONES to help develop LIST OF DESCENDANTS Catherine Charpentier and Claude Mathias Fanef, America and elsewhere. A special thank you to Mr. Ray Phaneuf from Saskatoon Phaneuf and Françoise Phaneuf from Saint-Damase.

A BIG THANK YOU to the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE MEMBERS of this moment who are involved in the realization of this great gathering. In alphabetical order:

  • Mrs. Lise Lavoie Phaneuf (QC)
  • Mrs. Cristina Loglio Phaneuf (MD)
  • M. George Phaneuf (SK)
  • M. Gerald (Gerry) A. Phaneuf (RI)
  • M. Gilles Phaneuf (QC)
  • M. Jean-Marc Phaneuf (QC)
  • M. Michel Phaneuf (QC)
  • M. Pierre A. Phaneuf (QC)
  • M. Ray Jeffrey Phaneuf (MD)


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